Our program will aid children in developing a positive self-image. The way a child perceives him/herself influences the way he/she will behave as well as how others relate to them.

We encourage children to be independent, caring people, at the same time realizing that each child is an individual and at varying cognitive and social stages of development. Every child is entitled to respect and consideration, cultural nurture and understanding by those responsible for the child's care and education.

The School will provide opportunities for learning through play. Role-playing is an ideal outlet for self-expression. Quiet learning times, both independently or in small groups, enable children to think through concepts and problems, with the guidance of the teacher.

Free play is provided to enable the children to develop co-operation, sharing and respect for other people while at the same time gaining a sense of self worth for accomplishing these tasks.

Some structured periods within the timetable, (ie: music circle and theme circle) are an integral part of our program. Limitations and routines enhance a child's feeling of security and also maintain a safe learning atmosphere for all of the children.

Parents are an important part of our program and are welcome at the centre. We encourage them to participate through staff/parent consultations, suggestions and volunteer work.

Our programs are tailored in compliance with the Day Nurseries Act and to each stage of development in a child’s life to prepare them for school and beyond.